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How to reach newcomers with influencer marketing

Updated: Jan 23

Did you know? Canada is now the G7 country with the highest proportion of newcomers. In fact, according to Statistics Canada's 2021 Census, one in every four people living in Canada in 2021 was an immigrant. This proportion is set to continue growing over the coming decades. Statistics Canada even predicts that the immigrant population could account for between 29% and 34% of the Canadian demographic by 2041.

To ensure that its demographic growth does not lose its momentum, Canada is focusing on its immigration policy, knowing full well the crucial role that immigrants play within the population. No one can ignore the important role this segment of the population plays in the country's economy. But we must be careful not to confuse them with the masses. These newcomers have specific needs and cannot be perceived as any other Canadian consumer. As a result, it has become essential to pay particular attention to diversity in marketing initiatives. As you might expect, this marketing approach has a name: multicultural marketing (ethnic marketing).

Is nested and inclusive marketing the future of marketing? (yes)

"If inclusion isn't a tangible part of your brand as more and more consumers begin to demand and expect it, you could be in trouble in your quest for growth."

- Sonia Thompson, Forbes

While diversity seems deeply rooted in Canada's collective identity, it's alarming to learn that a quarter of Canadians still don't feel represented in today's advertising. Yet it's clear that marketers have the power to generate real change by reflecting more diversity in the stories they tell and the campaigns they design.

This is because society is currently undergoing a paradigm shift: people no longer readily accept being ignored or underserved by the brands they wish to engage with. As multicultural society evolves and diversifies, consumers are more than ever seeking to align their spending with their values, by choosing brands that represent them. In fact, 59% of Canadian consumers prefer to associate with brands that share their values, according to a 2021 study by The Holistic Consumer. Another study by Léger, dating from 2022, even indicates that 50% of Canadian Internet users who follow brands or companies on social media will unsubscribe if the brand doesn't suit them, and that 21% will do so because they don't want to be associated with it. To return to new immigrants... It's strategically beneficial for brands to know how to connect with this segment, which is, we remind you, growing rapidly. But how do you connect with them?

Understanding the realities of newcomers and multicultural Canadians

"Cultural identity is the way in which consumers identify with a cultural group, are aware of it, and affirm it in their attitudes and behaviors. It arises from a bicultural perspective oscillating between attachment to one's cultural group and adoption of the dominant culture."

- Bey Ling Sha, professor at the University of California

To create a successful multicultural marketing strategy, it is crucial to cater to the requirements and backgrounds of newcomers and multicultural Canadians. This entails gaining a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental aspects that shape their everyday lives.But what is that reality? It's clear that newcomers face the dual task of navigating Canadian culture while maintaining a strong connection to their ethnic heritage. This position of having one's feet between two worlds inevitably leads to a search for balance and stability. That's why trust is an important factor for this segment of the population: their buying journey will be permeated by this search for trust in brands and products, even more so than that of acclimatized Canadians. It's even reported that newcomers are 1.3 times more inclined to discover new products via advertising than the rest of the population. But the ads in question must meet their needs. And to understand how to create a bond of trust between a brand and these consumers, marketers must understand the journey of newcomers to Canada, so they know when and how to present themselves.

Influencer marketing for multicultural marketing

"The video that earned me three million views gave information on how to quickly find work in Canada and then apply for residency, which proves that there's a real buzz around this subject."

- Islem Hemaida, Algerian influencer

Nearly 42% of newcomers turn to social media for information. Besides being an information source, social media allows new immigrants to shape their identity and build a support network with other community members. It helps them find employment, better understand Canadian culture, enhance their experience as new Canadians, and stay connected with their loved ones. Understanding this concept, marketing specialists grasp why multicultural Canadians rely 2.4 times more on recommendations from celebrities and influencers than the general population, and why they are 1.6 times more inclined to try new products. Thus, trust and authenticity act as triggers that pique newcomers' interest in branded content. It's undeniable that influencer marketing presents a viable avenue for multicultural marketing. In this regard, Nicolas Bon, founder of Clark Influence agency, emphasizes the cultural weight of influencers, stating, "Content creators play a vital role as catalysts for action. Their impact extends beyond purchases, shaping perceptions and opinions towards a brand or product."

Source : Léger et Ressac, Le Canada Numérique de 2023

But hey, let's be real, you can't just become an expert in this field overnight, right? That's why it's recommended to turn to the expertise of agencies specializing in this kind of strategy. They've got the know-how and skills to rock it for you.

Choosing the cultural sensitivity of Clark's influence

“In my opinion, there is no doubt: it's the content that captivates. Influencers or content creators are more captivating than traditional advertisements because they exude authenticity.”

- Nicolas Bon, fondateur de Clark influence

This is no surprise: we're seeing more and more that content creators who focus on niche communities are the ones making big waves. And brands have every reason to hop on that bandwagon. That's exactly what Clark Influence aims to do: add a specialized focus on understanding the reality and needs of newcomers and bridge the gap between these communities and brands. "I'm an immigrant myself, and many members of Clark are too, which gives us an edge in understanding the immigrant experience in Canada and especially in identifying influential members of these communities to create strategies that deeply resonate with them. By using messages that align with their reality, we establish authentic connections and forge an emotional bond with this audience. This level of personalization, unique to Clark, allows us to create exceptional brand experiences that foster engagement and long-term loyalty."

By partnering with a specialized multicultural marketing agency like Clark Influence, brands gain a trusted ally who understands cultural realities. "Within our agency, we have the Clark Talent Factory, a team of experts dedicated to sourcing the most credible talents and influencers to endorse brand messages and campaigns," explains the founder of Clark. "Our team ensures the authenticity of the audience and finds the right influencers by analyzing all the data. In the case of an ethnic or multicultural approach, we always make sure that the content reflects the diversity of Canada while working to make brands truly add value to the daily lives of these communities."

In Nicolas Bon's eyes, it's clear that Clark Influence's expertise in influencer marketing, combined with a deep understanding of diverse cultures, not only rejuvenates the customer base of brands that trust the agency, but also fosters long-lasting connections with new communities. With Clark Influence, brands can confidently tap into the power of multicultural marketing and forge meaningful relationships that drive success. Here is the offer.

Considering that influencer marketing works and there's an incredible opportunity to reach newcomers, the question is: What are we waiting for to jump on board? It's time to seize the moment and tap into the power of influencer marketing to connect with this audience. The potential is immense, and by embracing this approach, brands can unlock new levels of engagement, loyalty, and growth. So, let's not delay any longer. It's time to take action and make the most of this golden opportunity. The rewards are waiting, and the time to embrace influencer marketing for multicultural audiences is now.

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