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Top 10 Quebec vegan influencers to follow in 2024 đŸŒ±

Updated: Feb 5

Québec: 10 influenceurs vegans à suivre absolument en 2024. Photo: sandwich Vegan

These days, our environmental awareness is increasingly guiding our food choices. Unfortunately, the vegan diet is often perceived as restrictive, but it's not always the case! Some creative minds manage to adapt their diet, without feeling like they're depriving themselves.

To inspire you, we've carefully selected 10 vegan influencers who are capturing our attention in Quebec. These foodies, all gifted with boundless creativity, will inspire you with delicious plant-based recipes!

So, are you ready to make some discoveries?

1 - Caroline Huard (@loounie)

Caroline, known as Loounie, is the magician behind the famous "Tofu Magique" - a delicious, easy-to-prepare recipe made with tofu, soy sauce, maple syrup and nutritional yeast. If this culinary nugget isn't yet part of your repertoire, hurry up and prepare it; it's sure to charm you.

With two books already in bookstores and a podcast to her credit, Loounie's culinary universe continues to blossom and delight.

Influenceur québécoise d'envergure au Quebec en 2024

2 - Christian Ventura (@chefchristianventura)

Christian Ventura, founder of Sushi Momo, Canada's first plant-based sushi restaurant, combines culinary tradition with vegan innovation. As chef and owner of 6 restaurants, Christian knows how to take us on a sensory journey, highlighting the plant-based flavours, textures and colours deeply rooted in his Mexican roots.

Follow Christian Ventura on social networks to stay abreast of vegan trends in Quebec. His impact on the culinary scene and his commitment to the vegan lifestyle make him a source of inspiration for discovering contemporary vegan cuisine.

Influenceur Vegan 2024, chef Ă  base de plantes tendance

3 - Rafaelle Roy (@rafaelleroy)

The talented singer and former finalist on La Voix not only captivates with her exceptional voice, but she also stands out for her commitment to the animal cause and her active support for ethical businesses. On her Instagram account, Rafaelle passionately shares her discoveries, highlighting vegan products and restaurants.

Her goal is clear: to inspire people to reduce their consumption of animal products. A blend of artistic talent and ethical activism makes Rafaelle a multifaceted source of inspiration for veganism.

Influenceuse végane de renommée au Quebec en 2024

4 - Sarah Bourgie (@lepouvoirdesplantes_)

With her optimistic philosophy that anything is possible in vegan options, it's a delight to follow Sarah through her creative and varied recipes. With a high rate of engagement within her community, she excels at conveying her passion for plant-based delights to her audience.

Her ability to inspire and share makes every culinary exploration as delicious as it is educational!

Influenceuse québécoise en 2024

5 - Jessie Nadeau (@jessie.nadeau)

Highly appreciated by the Quebec public, Jessie excels at sharing her passion for vegan food and the causes that are close to her heart, notably environmental protection. In addition to her talent as a versatile actress, producer, director and entrepreneur, Jessie shines through her ability to educate her audience in an accessible way.

Jessie's commitment to conscious, sustainable eating is remarkable, making her a positive inspiration for young people.

Influenceuse végane de renommée au Quebec en 2024

A threefold author, culinary creator, stylist and photographer, Sara shares simple, family-friendly and economical cuisine. A mother of four and food blogger for over 10 years, she embraced veganism after seeing the documentary "The Hidden Face of Meat" on Youtube.

On her blog, discover healthy and comforting recipes, made with simple and affordable ingredients. Her aim? Show that eating vegan can be both easy and delicious.

Influenceuse végane de renommée au Quebec en 2024


7- Jessi Hoffman (@choosingchia)

Choosing Chia emerged after Jessica, fresh from yoga teacher training in India, became aware of the importance of healthy eating.

Newly a mom, Jessica now shares her love for a balanced life through her ultra-colourful Instagram account. She appeals to anyone looking for a healthy, vegan diet, without the stress of restrictive diets. Her journey reflects her commitment to health and well-being, adding a personal touch to her inspiring universe.

Influenceuse végane de renommée au Quebec en 2024

8 - Jean-Philippe (@la_cuisine_de_jean_philippe)

Jean-Philippe, a passionate vegan chef, enthusiastically shares his favorite recipes to promote the pleasure of vegetarian cooking. Author of three books, he excels at guiding us through simple, easy and delicious recipes for our daily lives.

With his captivating sense of humor, Jean-Philippe's publications are always a delight to follow.

In addition to his writing, he offers lectures and podcasts, providing an easily accessible source of inspiration for those wishing to explore vegan culinary creativity.

Chef Vegan influant sur les réseaux sociaux en 2024. Chef offrant des recettes à base de plantes

9 - Karine (@kpourkatrine)

Karine, a lactose-free and gluten-free recipe creator, is a culinary influencer who gives people with food intolerances a taste for cooking again. In addition to her talent in the kitchen, she is the instigator of the charity event "Le Kiosque de Limonade" in aid of the Fondation CHU/Sainte-Justine.

An author of books and magazines, Karine stands out for her dedication to helping others and her unwavering passion for creating delicious food.

Influenceuse végane de renommée au Quebec en 2024

10 - Marie-Michelle Chouinard (@une.maman.vegane)

Marie-Michelle offers vegan alternatives in every category of dish. From soups and desserts to complete meals and festive ideas, her site is an essential reference for vegan gourmets.

As a mom, she also shares her culinary expertise in her recent book, adding a personal touch to her growing influence.

Influenceuse végane de renommée au Quebec en 2024

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