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UGC campaigns: the magic recipe to explode on social networks 💥

When ordering online, we all have the same reflex. Even if you don't realise it, your eyes always wander to the comments left by other consumers on the sales page of the product you want. It's a way of reassuring yourself that you are making the right choice.

On social networks, we also have this same habit. We take the time to listen to other users' feedback on the products they test. Often, they are influencers in a specific field, who we call experts. Their advice is invaluable when it comes to knowing which phone to buy or which sports subscription to choose. The reason we are so interested in their feedback is that these consumers are like us and we can identify with them.

Today, on social networks, another category of content creators also allows us to comfort ourselves in our purchasing decision. This is called UGC, Users Generated Content. In French, this translates into content created by users, people we do not know and who are not influencers. If at the beginning, it was a question of average consumers who agreed to share their feedback on the company's social networks, this notion has since evolved. Now, content creators also offer their services to companies to help them create publications on their social networks.

Very present on Instagram and TikTok, UGC is appreciated by brands because it offers good returns on investment. According to a study conducted by Nielsen, 92% of consumers say they trust UGC more than traditional advertising. This user-generated content has four times the click-through rate of traditional advertising content, a 28% increase in engagement and a 29% increase in online conversions, according to an analysis by Stackla.

With such great numbers, you may be wondering: how do you make a successful UGC campaign? What are the elements to keep in mind to avoid mistakes and get the best results? What are the different steps?

The secrets of a good UGC strategy

To help you with your strategy, Clark Influence is launching a dedicated UGC team. They will be there to support you from the design of your campaign to the analysis of the results obtained. But before giving you more details, let's start by going over what exactly this trend is.

UGC content has been around for many years on the Internet. These are comments left on sales pages, videos made on social networks by ordinary users or advertisements highlighting customer feedback. With the arrival of social networks, companies have been wondering how these reviews could be used in their social media strategy.

This is why videos or written feedback from customers who are satisfied with having discovered and used a particular product or service have appeared here and there on some brand profiles. They film or photograph themselves at home to talk about their experience. The content is homemade and authentic. In addition to communicating their new products, these companies give these consumers a space to express themselves and share their advice with others. The company's community is thus valued and enhanced.

There is an additional element that is important. These feedbacks are made by consumers who look like the company's customers, who have the same daily life as them and the same problem. Users can more easily identify with them and therefore feel more inclined to make a purchase.

This content feeds the social media strategy of companies, especially on TikTok and Instagram where it is required to have a regular publication activity. UGC reviews are scattered here and there, between more traditional posts or content from collaborations with influencers. It all fits together perfectly.

At Clark Influence, we understand the impact of this strategy. There are four main points:

Using UGC content allows companies to work on their brand image by relying on the authenticity of their community,

This content, combined with ads, performs better than traditional ads that TikTok users, for example, do not necessarily consume,

Thanks to an advanced analysis of the results obtained from these campaigns, companies have access to a lot of information that is essential for their development (understanding user behaviour, understanding the use of a specific product, KPIs, etc.)

Companies can have access to a library of content to feed their social networks with authentic videos and photos created by target consumers.

A UGC strategy offers many advantages to companies. We have just seen that different objectives can be achieved. How do they translate to social networks? What does a UGC campaign look like?

5 examples of UGC campaigns that have been launched

Before embarking on the design of the project, the consumers chosen for the campaign must receive the product for testing. The content that is then devised takes many different formats to diversify the production. To help you better understand what the trends are and what a UGC photo or video looks like, here are some examples.


Sharing feedback after using a product is a recurrent content on social networks. Kim Kardashian's brand, Skims, has understood the usefulness and impact of this format. On TikTok, many users are asked to give their opinions.

Putting it into action

The French leather goods brand Cabaïa is used to UGC content. Many users are asked to imagine videos that the company then publishes on its social networks, particularly on TikTok. The selected people have each received a bag that is featured in their publications, as here. The consumer shows how easily she can go away for the weekend with a Cabaïa product.

Sharing information about your industry

Some companies are specialised in a field, but do not know how to popularise their theme. So Cup, a menstrual panties company, has called on female UGC creators to embody informative content. In the example below, one of them shares 5 pieces of information about menstruation.

The use of a product

Svr Laboratories alternates between influencer marketing campaigns and UGC content. The former give their opinions on the products used, the latter are asked to propose inspiring content via routines, for example. In the videos of these consumers, we can see the products in action.


The unboxing is a popular format on social networks. It consists of opening a package on camera. UGC creators have become accustomed to doing this, as it is an easy way to diversify videos and show the brand's new products.

All of these formats are visible on the profiles of companies using a UGC strategy. They meet several objectives: to work on the brand's image to make it a reference in its sector, to talk about the use of products and the results that can be obtained with them, or to encourage purchases.

In most cases, it is this content that brands use to carry out social ad campaigns. You don't need to hire a studio to create a successful ad, you can turn to your own creators!

For a UGC campaign, we have the right team for you

As you can see, UGC content is a real strategy to be implemented. Companies think about the type of format to produce, the products to send, to promote and the specific profiles to activate to get the best results. Once the content has been received, it is also necessary to think about a grid of publications to alternate the formats and messages to be conveyed. All of this cannot be done in one day, it is necessary to think and choose the best option.

The starting point for all this work is the creation of a creative brief to better understand the company's objective and the direction it wishes to take. Once this is clear, the next step is to cast the UGC designers. When starting from scratch, it can be difficult to know where to look. That's why at Clark Influence we have launched our dedicated offer. We provide support from A to Z for brands wishing to use UGC production. To support them, we work with them, their brief. We think about the strategy from the needs analysis to the strategic creation. We search for profiles in our database, we think about the content to be produced by creating a library of accessible content for our partners and finally, we analyse the impact of the campaign.

We are convinced that a good UGC content strategy coupled with influence and ads can give your brand much more impact. We know how to do both, so why not put our expertise to work for you?

Clark Influence, an agency of enthusiasts who will accompany you on the great adventure of content creation

We'll put your brand and your products in the hands of the best UGC creators. We create impactful UGC campaigns with authentic content and profiles that fit your strategy.

If you would like us to find the right talent to embody your company through a turnkey UGC campaign: contact us!

We would be delighted to send you a service offer:


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