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Influencer Marketing for Baby Boomers

Exploring the untapped potential of influencer marketing amongst the baby boomer market

Exploring the untapped potential of influencer marketing amongst the baby boomer market

When you think of influencer marketing, the first audience that probably comes to mind is millennials; this group of young adults who consume, shop, interact and some would even say live online. While it may be tempting to assume that millennials are the only group of consumers who can be reached through social media marketing, that idea would hardly be true. While millennials do represent a strong economic force and presence online, there is actually another demographic that is even more powerful:


Yes, you read that right.

So then why are marketers not using this to their advantage and targeting older generations with their digital marketing strategies, you might ask? It is often because of outdated assumptions regarding their online aptitude and habits. While some may think older generations are not accessible online and therefore would not be receptive to influencer marketing, Clark Influence recognizes that silver surfers are actually quite digitally savvy and spend a lot of time online.

Influencer Marketing for Baby Boomers agency canada USA

Here are a few numbers to back this up:

Being online is one thing, but does this demographic consume online as well?

Surprisingly, more than one might think. In fact, 67.5% of Gen Z and boomers are purchasing products or services online. While this number might be a little behind millennial’s 77%, it’s still rather impressive and proves that an older demographic is worth exploring.

Keeping all that in mind, it is apparent that there is great untapped potential within the Gen X and boomer demographic for influencer marketing. While some may think this type of marketing is tailored to millennials, it can actually be well suited for boomers when approached properly. The key is knowing how to target them. Specialized in connecting brands with the most creative voices on social media, Clark Influence has gathered a few key points to consider when building a boomer influencer marketing strategy:

Target Where They Are

Know Your Target

Focus On Their Preferred Content Format

Message Format is Key

Choose the Right Influencers

Influencer marketing boomers X Agency

necessarily mean their audience does too. They may in fact have a younger audience following them. Sometimes, it is better to have a face that is less known, but that will reach your precise target. Take @jdog on TikTok for example. She is an 89 year old grandmother from Alberta with 2 million followers, over 65% of which are aged between 18-24 and less than 2% are aged between 45-64. On the other hand, Deborah McDonald who is a lifestyle and interior decor influencer and entrepreneur, is far from being in the baby boomer demographic but is mostly followed by a 45+ audience.

As influencer marketing continues to grow, it is important for marketers to keep innovating and finding new opportunities within the market. To target the right audience or create the best influencer strategy for your brand, reach out to Clark Influence.

Do not miss the wave and hop onto influencer marketing for silver surfers. If you are interested in a campaign for this age group, please send us an email to and we will be happy to assist you.


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